Spectacularly Adequate Empress (empressvesica) wrote in ljcocktailparty,
Spectacularly Adequate Empress

One Last Poll...

First, we had quite a few requests to have parties run for 48 hours, rather than 24, for those that work over the weekends. Obviously, no one is expected be around for the whole time. I assume we can just include when we will be around in our party posts.

Second, we are evenly split between the two weekends in May that got the most votes. Which one works best?

Poll #730390 Choosing a May Date

What weekend works best for you?

Friday May 19th - Sunday May 21st
Friday May 27 - Sunday May 28th

Side note: I am an idiot. That second choice should read 'Friday May 26th - Sunday May 28th'. *sigh*

Third, there was some mention of pimping - the parties, this community. I say, have at it! It's been a while since we have done one of these and we are not terribly picky about members. If you have friends to recommend and can vouch that they are nice people and not spammers or trolls, why not?
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